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Irina Song
Art can be very personal; it is an expression of something far deeper than the art itself. Every time I look up to the sky, I find myself enthralled by the forever changing beauty that is never the same, each time a new palette of colours; the play of light and composition of clouds decorate the sky with brilliance. The one song I hear in the air is the song of love, sung by the majestic beauty all around me. This pure perfect love finds expression in my paintings, bringing to life the harmony of colours and light.

Fine artist Irina Song

Running Theme
The running theme is 'Arise and come with me, my darling, my beautiful one'. I have come to realise that the world is beautifully created, a harmony of colours and light, which overwhelms my heart and causes a song to rise within me. The recent paintings show an expression of true love. The overwhelming feeling of joy, the indescribable love is weaved into every stroke.
Recent Paintings

Welcome to my site. I am an oil painter with a vision to inspire, encourage and bless through my paintings. I hope you will find this inspiring. Both my recent paintings and themed paintings are shown in my online gallery under the ‘Oil Paintings’ menu.

Events March 20th - 1st April 2015
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I am doing another exhibition of my work at a different gallery, 'The Town Mill'. I will be continuing with the theme 'Destined to Soar', including my new oil paintings. Come along and join the journey with me as you browse through the paintings.

Gallery Opening Times
Opening Times: 10:30 - 16:30 every day
Entrance Fee: Free admission
Address: The Town Mill, Mill Lane, Lyme Regis, Dorset. DT7 3PU

For further details contact the studios on 01297 443579

Events Ended (Feb 19-24th 2015)
There is an exhibition of my work at the gallery, 'The Old Malthouse'. There I will be exhibiting my oil paintings which i have done most recently, with the running theme of 'Destined to Soar'

Gallery Opening Times
Opening Times: 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Sun
Entrance Fee: Free
Address: Bath Artists' Studios, The Old Malthouse, Comfortable Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath. BA1 3AJ

For further details contact the studios on 01225 482480

NOW! Free Inspirational CD!

I am now giving away for free this exciting inspirational CD for every painting or print purchased. This is music which I have listened to that has inspired the creativity in my paintings. This is a gift; I want to take you on a journey with me so you can fully enjoy the expression of the painting and its meaning, and perhaps find your own new journey as well.

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