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About Irina Song

Thank you for visiting my website. Art can be very personal; it is an expression of something far deeper than the art itself. It reveals the deepest emotions, pain and happiness, hidden fears and hopes. Let me take you on a very personal journey. I have been looking at the sky since childhood, admiring the beauty all around me. Since then I have always felt that there was a special connection between me and that beauty. It drew me in... Enticed me. And one day God started to speak to me through the patterns and colours of the clouds through the harmony sung by beauty and carried in the wind. I am forever thankful to my dear brothers and sisters that have brought me to Jesus. I have found Him alive and loving. He never lets me down. He talks to me every day. When I paint I love to listen to worship songs. Every word is sung to the rhythm of my heart beat and I feel myself being embraced by this Heavenly harmony of words and music. God for me now is the most incredible artist, the colours He chooses to colour the skies with are just unspeakable and indescribable. The colour combinations are just surprising, described perfectly in one of the songs: "Across the sky is written your majesty and praise”...The harmony of colours and light overwhelm my heart and my heart sings praise to Him, while my hands convey this beauty and love onto the canvas. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that flows through the heart of Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Jeremy Camp, Michelle Tumes and other artists while they sing their songs. I can keep these songs playing all the time whilst I paint, they motivate me. When I listen to these songs I fall deeply in love with Jesus and this love burns within me, it feels like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. I feel like I am melting, being immersed in His love, which is sweeter than anything else. This passion flows from my heart onto the canvas and without this passion from and for Jesus my art would be lifeless and flat. Every morning when I drive my car I cannot help looking at the sky when the sun rises, all this music just rings in me :”Your beauty fills the sky" ... The combination of these great views and divine music creates images in my heart which later on become paintings. But this moment catches my eye the most; when light breaks through the heavy clouds proclaiming victory. At this moment I think, “I will lift up my head toward the sky and my heart toward Heaven to be always filled with this comfort, love and living hope which makes me desire to paint”. I believe I will never run out of inspiration because there is no end to this love. All glory is to You, Jesus. You are my comforter, my bread, my inspirer, my friend and coming bridegroom. I thank You for this divine inspiration for my paintings, which stretches my imagination and propels my hands, letting all the beauty felt inside of me from You, spill onto the canvas in a wonderful array of colours, hopes and dreams brought to life.

Fine Artist Irina Song

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