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Recent Paintings

Season of Singing 
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Oil Painting (90cm x 70cm), £2200
I love dreams, I dream a lot and I live my dreams. My dreams come as a hot and pulsating storm of music and living colours. When I close my eyes I feel like my dreams are breathing, moving like they are not of this world. Whenever I go for a walk-on the beach, hills, forests or fields, it is like I am in a dream, sometimes it is, where my dreams are conceived along with heavenly melodies that accompany the beautiful creation before me. Sometimes this picture in my heart is so beautiful it would be impossible to describe it even with best colours and brushes. It is stunning,too stunning.


 Glorious Over Us
The inspiration for this painting came when I climbed up the Corfe hill. I had my headphones on and was listening to the album "Glory in the highest. As the view from up this hill came together with the music, I was touched and overwhelmed by this great view and by the harmony and flow of the music that seemed to weave into the scenery so I decided to come back to my studio and paint without delay. With the brush in my hand it was difficult contain the emotions, the colours on the canvas exploded desperate to radiate the magnificence I experienced. Glory, glory in the highest. This glory comes to the earth, because of love.And it lights up the ruins of the dead Corfe Castle. In the blink of the eye these ruins turned into gold after being immersed in glorious passionate light. Click on image to enlarge
Oil Painting (100cm x 70cm), £2200


Golden City 
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Oil Painting (100cm x 70cm), £2200
This little town Lyme Regis bathed in a golden light seems to come alive with every sunbeam and moving cloud. I wanted to depict an ever lasting drama when light always conquers, always victorious. But this golden city seems to stand unshakable and in an absolute peace. Light has always dwelled there, it does not need to conquer, and it has already won. I want to be in this Glorious city, and be under these golden wings. And one day I will.


 Fulfilled Promise
Golden colours speak of promises treasured in my heart, which have been given to me. I wrapped them in hope and kept them, I hid and guarded them from being destroyed by the storms of this life, and finally after patient waiting, they are coming true! The colours exploded onto the canvas as my overflowing joy poured out through my fingers and paint brushes. White sails represent purity and childlike faith, which haven't been destroyed by the disappointments of this life. And here they are, fulfilled dreams ready now to comfort your heart, don't cease waiting, one day your dreams will come true and it will be worth the wait. Click on image to enlarge
Oil Painting (90cm x 70cm), £NFS


Awakened Love 
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Oil Painting (30cm x 25cm), £375
I have been in darkness for so long and finally light have come. He embraced me, comforted me and made me smile. These warm waves cuddled my feet as I stood on a rock. The strong colours speak of passion and confidence in Him. The gentle rays of sun caressed my skin leaving behind a tingle that would still remain there for a while after, reminding me of the deep love that He has for me. The feeling of delight overcomes you every time the wave envelopes you in a glistening spray


*Note 100cm x 70cm is equivalent to A2 size. See Gift Ideas for more sizes available for print.
NFS - Not For Sale (available as prints only)

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